Intro for DVN Crew

An Intro for the cracking crew DVN.
Music by raphaelgoulart Win32 Executable FPC Source with Engines and Utils (using uFMOD Sound System)

4K "psych66"

My first 4K Intro. No Music. No Party Entry. DOS Executable (do not runs under DOSBOX 0.74) ASSEMBLER SOURCE

DEMO "Dark Hour" final version

My first DEMO done in 2000. Final Version done in 2012.
Co-Coded by Dr.Deadmake. Gfx by Sebsta. Riped-Remixed Music.
Released at Mekka & Symposium 2000, ranked: 21st. DOS + WIN32 Executable TMT Pascal (DOS v3.90) + Delphi 7 (using MIDAS Sound System and SDL 1.2) SOURCE + UTILS