My name is Kirill Kranz, born 1984 in Tallinn / Estonia and I am of Russian descent. Programming has been my passion since I was 10 years old. As an enthusiastic demoscener (active since 2000), I ended up developing games and graphic applications. That's why I studied Game Programming at the SAE Institute Hamburg, where I was able to learn a lot about the game industry.

Afterwards, I was able to help train the students as a lecturer and supervisor. But my knowledge doesn't just end in this area. Not only have I worked with Internet programming and MySQL databases, I have also gained experience in compiler design and reverce engineering.

Traditionally, I have written many private projects in Pascal. Free Pacal Compiler exists for almost every platform imaginable. Since I now develop almost exclusively under Linux, I see Lazarus (the free equivalent of Embarcadero Delphi) as the best tool for creating Windows Forms.

Of course, no other workflow can replace C / C ++. C ++ is undoubtedly the most powerful programming language. I like object oriented programming and the use of design patterns. Whether it's Visual Studio, GCC, or XCode, I feel right at home in cross-platform development.

My lectures at SAE focused on C ++, OpenGL and Intel Assembler.

I am currently working on my private projects, such as: "Compiler and interpreter JavaScript in C ++" and the browser game "NoGame" with my friend and colleague Martin Schipper. In addition, I am translating into German the book "Network and Online Games" by G. Armitage, M. Kleipul and F. Branch.

I've been developing for Microsoft platforms for a long time, but discovered Linux a few years ago and immediately fell in love in it.

I hope my projects arouse your interest.