Interesting web resources


The DemoScene Archive has all of the demos that have ever come out.

The Demo Scene Portal is THE page all about the DemoScene.


Fast Tracker 2 is THE classic tracker.

Sound Club is a very old but exemplary music program.

Renoise Tracker is the most modern tracker for Windows, Liunx and OSX.

MOD Archive is full of beautiful tracker music.


SubLime 3 Text Editor. The best source code editor I've ever seen. With syntax highliting for almost all programming languages, this tool is my first choice for daily program coding.


SDL C ++ Framework is a protabele OpenGL library, not only for desktop systems, but also for Android and iOS. It houses modules for sound (e.g. .mp3, .OGG, all tracker modules, MIDI), graphic issues, network (e.g. TPC / IP) and much more.

Tralala Music System is a Tracker Module player written in Pascal.


People - Benjamin Rosseaux is a Pascal luminary

Selected literature

Clean Code

This book by Robert C. Martin revolutionized my code style. I kept thinking: I've been programming for so many years, what is he telling me? Wrong thought! The suggestions in this book are worth their weight in gold.
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3D graphics programming

The book by Marius Apetri is a unique work about the development of a software renderer. It not only shines with good code examples, but also with a complete mathematical background
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Design patterns for game programming

Although the main feature is game programming, this book by Robert Nystrom is universally applicable. I find the work of the 'Gang of Four' much more cryptic, which is why I recommend this easy reading.
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ARM 64-Bit Assembly Language

Nowadays ARM processors have become indispensable. Assembler is the basic building block of all software. Larry D. Pyeatt and William Ughetta's book is just the right resource.
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