My book

"Programming games with VBA6.0 and DirectX 7" rev2 German

Programming games with Visual Basic for Applications and DirectX 7 is no longer a hurdle. This book, written by me, reveals another coding secret.

Complete book and sample


Using SDL2 Effectively

SDL2 is a modern framework for C ++. It simplifies the creation of an OpenGL context.

Tutorial and sample

Use SDL1.4 effectively

SDL1.4 is the predecessor of SDL2.

Tutorial and sample

Other Projects


Equalizer Wave in Free Pascal

OpenSource source


Port of ufmod for Free Pascal. A tiny Tracked Music Module Player.

OpenSource source

Maya MEL Script for export of Morphing Animationen in several .obj files

With this Plugin is it possible to export Morphing Animationen by Autodesk Maya in several .obj files.

OpenSource source