My Pascal projects

vipGFX 4

A portable true color graphic framework. This version is currently available for DOS, Windows and Linux. It is written in Free Pascal, the time-critical routines are in 32-bit and 64-bit Intel assembler. An additional input framework (mouse and keyboard) is included. It is possible to use TrueType fonts through OpenType. Porting to ARM processors and other operating systems is easy thanks to the clear structure.

OpenSource source code:

vip3D 3

An open source software rendrer (rasterizer). Written for Free Pascal and uses the vipGFX framework for the output. Complete scene management, clipping and polygon rasterization.

OpenSource source code:

Tycoon User Interface

A user-intuitive UI written in Free Pascal for the vipGFX framework. It supports sliding windows, horizontal and vertical scroll bars and a menu concept.

OpenSource source code: